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19 February 2010 @ 04:19 pm
Magarikado no Kanojyo  

Title in Japanese: 曲がり角の彼女

Genre: Romance

Theme song: Dear My Friends by shela

Broadcast period: Apr 19, 2005 to Jun 28, 2005

Synopsis by Dramawiki: Stay tuned for a fierce battle between a woman in her 30's and one in her 20's. 33-year old Chiharu Oshima is a career woman in the Sales and Planning Department of a hotel. During her 20's, Chiharu worked day and night to achieve her current position and luxurious lifestyle. She won't let anybody interfere with her career and romance.
All is going well, until 25-year-old Natsumi Mihara throws down the gauntlet to Chiharu. Everybody including Chiharu had thought that Natsumi was just a girl with no brains. But actually, once she sets her mind to something, she can achieve anything. She is good at learning foreign languages, and is prepared to use her sex appeal to entrap and exploit men. What's more, since Natsumi was brought up in a poor fatherless home, her desire to climb the ladder of success is strong. She knows that the only way she'll get a chance is to outperform Chiharu and snatch away her post. That's exactly what Natsumi decides to do.
"Chiharu, look at those bags under your eyes. Isn't it time you retired?" A long battle between two women: one in her 30's and the other in her 20's, is about to begin.

Cast: Inamori Izumi as Oshima Chiharu, Kaname Jun as Komoto Kazuki, Shaku Yumiko as Mihara Natsumi, Aoki Sayaka as Yamagishi Erika, Ishikawa Asami as Komoto Tsubaki, Kaneko Takatoshi as Miyake Shuji, others.